Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fresh Summer Fashion sexy guy

Friday, August 26, 2011

handsome guy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hideo Muraoka – Brazilian-Japanese Model 2

A Brapanese (Brazilian-Japanese) model initially based in Thailand and now a superstar in the Philippines, where he’s a frequent cover boy for fashion several magazines such as “Meg Magazine, “Men’s Health, Metro Magazine, and Garage Magazine.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shirtless Jesse Metcalf

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hottest danish guys " Nicklas Bendtner "

Oh guys? Waht up's? Do you guys enjoy in denmark? I think all of you guys love danish guys, right? Before we meet another hot danish guys, i would like to ask all of you guys. Do you guys know, what is the traditional sport in denmark? Find your answer and let do sport with a hot danish guy. I think all of you will love them.

Nicklas Bendtner

Who is Nicklas Bendtner?
He is a hot danish football player guy (I think you guys will love football player, right?)

When was he born?
16 January 1988

Where was he born?
Copenhagen, Denmark

How he became a football player?
When he was a child he played football for Tårnby Boldklub before joining FC Copenhagen's feeder club Kjøbenhavns Boldklub (KB) in 1998 (I think he born to be a football player, do you guys think like me)

What are his hobbies?
He likes doing gym and watching films

What is his first club?
Kjøbenhavns Boldklub

Awards and nominations?
European Under-21 Championship

How to follow he?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top 10 Hot Gay Men!

addicted nye aku buat list.
mcm best plak.
You've seen bunches of lists about hot men & women.
Now. just to put it into another direction,
I give u,
10. Randy Harrison
- 32 Year- old American actor
- Caught my attention in :"Queer as Folk", "Bang, Bang, You're Dead"
-Why he's hot: "S- Line" figure, pouty lips, boy-ish looks, involved in several partial nudity parts
-Why he's not: He stopped making tv appearances to pursue theatre performances
9. Neil Patrick Harris
-36 year-old American actor
-Caught my attention in: "Doogie Howser", Harold & Kumar" series, "How I Met Your Mother"
-Why he's hot: Six-packs-sturdy build
- Why he's not: Has a really bad taste in men (If u know what i mean)
8. Lance Bass

-31-year old American Pop singer
-Caught my attention in: Pop group, 'N Sync, his short-almost-happening mission to space
-Why he's hot: A pair of greenish hazel eyes
-Why he's not: HE CAN'T SING!!
7.Wentworth Miller

-37-year-old American Actor (Yup, he's almost 40)
-Caught my attention in: Mariah Carey's MVs' "It's Like That" & "We Belong Together", Prison Break
-Why he's hot: dreamy, toned build
-Why he's not: HE'S TAKEN. (He's dating that "Brothers & Sisters" guy)
6. Darren Hayes

-38-year old Aussie Singer (but his works mostly are based in the UK)
-Caught my attention in: Pop Duo, 'Savage Garden' and later on with his single debut
-Why he's hot: soulful voice, a nice after-shave looks
-Why he's not: He's been in a civil partnership with a REAAAALLLLLY old and not-so-cute guy
5. Ricky Martin
-38-year-old Puerto Rican Pop singer
-Caught my attention in: 1998's World Cup Song
-Why he's hot: His "Bon-Bon"
-Why he's not: He enjoys the "Golden Shower". euuwwww...(Look it up in the internet and you'll be saying the same thing!)
4. David Archuletta
- 19- year-old Latin-American singer
- Caught my attention in: American Idol
-Why he's hot: CHildish, boyish looks, voice that just stops the living, fluent in Spanish
-Why he's not: He's still in the closet and doesn't look like he's coming out any time soon
3.Chris Colfer
-19 year-old American singer
-Caught my attention in: GLEE as "Kurt"
-Why he's hot: The voice!! and cute, boyish looks
-Why he's not: Well, he's not THAT good looking, just average (He's high on the list coz he's kind of current and "It")
2. Gale Harold

- 40 year-old American actor
- Caught my attention in : "Queer As Folk", "Desperate Housewives S5"
-Why he's hot: no one could've done better than him in portraying "Brian Kinney" in QAF.
-Why he's not: He's bi-curious. (huh,wateva!)
1. Adam Lambert (Don't tell me u didn't see this coming)

-28-year-old American singer
-Caught my attention in: American Idol
-Why he's hot: I don't want to be stating the obvious!!!!
-Why he's not: Being JEWISH is his only character flaw!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Eye Candy: Andre Mull (reprise)

Andre Mull has been featured as MadProfessah's Eye Candy before (September 27, 2010). He lists himself as 5'11", 189-pounds on his ModelMayhem page. Apparently he has been having some success, because he has worked with photographer Paul Mariano, who shot the top two amazing pictures of Andre featured here.